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I need advice on removing the steering wheel on a 1994 buick park avenue. Answered

i already took the steering wheel face off and pulled the cord for the airbag but i dont know how to take the remaining wire off, any advice?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Did you disconnect the battery. Even with the battery disconnected the bag could still fire for a while because there is a capacitor big enough to fire the bag even without the battery. Taking the wires loose down on the col. won't help. The wires in the steering wheel stop under the wheel and end in a slip ring type connection so the wheel can turn without bending the wires. The wheel probably separates at the connection and the wires may not need to be disconnected. Find a chilton manual for your car and it will probably tell you how to seperate the wheel from the steering col. hub.


10 years ago

Follow the wires down the steering column, there may be some connectors that you can pull apart? L