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I need help connecting 2 solar panels in paralel Answered


I'm new to Electronics but I love solar panels and hiking.

S, I bought 2 of these:


and one of this:


and I connected them. I cut 2 USB Cables, connected + with + and - with - from each Cable and connected it to the DC-DC booster. The amperage is not doubled and the output Volts are lower than 5V which should be the constant output of the booster. The panels were solar oriented and the output was only 0.02 A with Bright enough sun from those 2 solar panels. The panels separately work fine, it is only when I connect them to the booster that they act weird.

Is the problem in booster or is it me doing something wrong?

Thank you!



1 year ago

If I understood well, you've connected the two solar panels through their usb cable. The thing is, there are probably DC Boosters embedded in them.

I might be wrong, but i don't think that it's a good thing to put two DC boosters in paralel.

You should check if both your solar panels are still working fine :/