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I need help identifying a part Answered

Somebody gave me a box full of speakers mids, highs, woofers, and tweeters... In that box also came 2 of these small circuit boards with 2 knobs attached to them... Don't know what they are, and what they use for. Any help will be appreciated


Kingsup310Jack A Lopez

Reply 2 months ago

Something like a amplifier also I suppose right? Can it be used for converting or managing power output?

Jack A LopezKingsup310

Reply 2 months ago

This thing is unlike an amplifier, because it is passive.

It is just a network made of a handful of passive components.


From the picture it looks like these components are: two capacitors (blue cylinders), and three inductors (coils of copper wire wound on magnetic cores). The big cylinder, with a turnable knob in the center, is a potentiometer (variable resistor), or maybe a dual potentiometer, which is two pots moved by the same knob.

Regarding the question of, "Can it be used for converting or managing power output?", I do not think so.

Probably the most useful thing it could be used for, is as a crossover network, if you can figure out how it supposed to go together; i.e. which wires the combined signal (low + mid + high) comes in on, and which wires should go out to which speakers.

I mean, I think your friend kind of gave you something analogous to a jigsaw puzzle, or maybe more like a box of gears and springs that used to be a clock.

That is to say, I think all the pieces (or most of them) are there, and it is maybe a matter of putting them back together.


2 months ago

It is a crossover and the purpose it to split the audio signal into different frequencies to match the speakers.
One input, usuall 3 outputs.
Tweeter, mid and sub speakers.
Purpose it to provide the best signal for a quality speaker.
Your tweeter can't handle high frequencies, so the crossover filter those out for it.
And well, the sub won't produce any high pitched tones, so it only gets frequencies below the 100 to 200 Hz range.
The know might be to adjust the input level.
Looks like a stereo potentimeter to me but could be motor driven for remote control as well.
A more detailed pic might help here.


2 months ago

Looks like a cross-over network to me.