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I need help learning to hack a kitchen scale using ardruino's redboard Answered

Hey! My friend is on a very tight deadline and does needs help getting a project done! We are having trouble hacking a kitchen scale using our redboard ardruino device. We are trying to be able to read the scale through the ardruino device! Please point me in the right direction or can someone display to me how to connect a 4 wire load cell to my redboard and breadboard! I am unsure where to place the resistors and where to connect each additional wire needed.. I am completely new at this and would love to set up the redboard for my friend! Please help as soon as you can! Thanks for your time! I dont know where to place my e+, s-, s+, e-. Please help me come to a conclusion on how to get this scale connected correctly to the breadboard and from the breadboard to the red board!!



4 years ago

Maybe that shows I need the help?


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Hehe, no, it's an easy mistake to make, especially if you've only heard other people say the word.

Was the link any use?