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I need help making a Polar Bear skin rug Answered

I was wondering if anyone of you fine people could help me in the making of a Polar bear skin rug for my girlfriend for Christmas? Thanks


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14 years ago

Readymade magazine had a faux bear rug making instructions in issue Dec2005/jan2006, page 28. Cost is $180. You need bear head mold with jaw set installed, black acrylic paint, clear glaze (optional), 3 yards stiff cotton canvas, 3 yards fake fur, pair of ear inserts and pair of eyes. tools: paintbrush, pencil, scissors, needle and thread or sewing machine, glue gun, comb. Paint gums, eyes and apply glaze on nose. Trace a bearskin shape on canvas with pencil. cut out with fur, leaving plenty of fur at top for head. cover ear inserts with fur and glue ear and eyes inserts into head mold. glue head onto canvas and cover with fur, glue the fur on in place. remember to cut out eyeholes. trim around snout and mouth.