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I need help making an LED dance floor? Answered

I was thinking about making it in 2' x 2' sections of steel 1" square tubing and screwing down the plexiglass or if not that, just using the plexiglass only and drilling out little spaces to glue the LED's underneath them and securing the sheets of plexiglass together.  But I would like to ask here where I can get a better idea of some possible do's and don'ts so I won't have to waste alot of money on doing it the wrong way.  Thanks for any information that you can give me.  I know there are alot of instruction on the LED part but I cant seem to find the construction part of it.


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10 years ago

Toughened glass would make a better surface.; Plexi will scratch badly in seconds, and will have to be VERY thick, to stop people feeling they will crasht through the panels.