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I need help on configuring marlin on my arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4 for a da vinci 2.0 printer Answered

Hi Guy's

I am new at this game and in plane words "I have no clue what I'm doing wring"

I bought a Da Vinci 2.0 Duo and after a few weeks the problems started. After searching the internet on solutions I discovered that I can rip out the original board of the printer and replace it with Arduino mega 2560 ramps 1.4. I did that and got some info on what the sketch should look like on Youtube but I am struggling to get the printer fully functioned. This project is a little more than what I thought it would be.

I tested the boards but they seem ok, again, Youtube help here but now I am at a loss. I mannaged to get the stepper motors to work but I am struggling with the famouse endstops and how to home the axis's. If you think I am way less than a beginner you are right. These things make my head spin.

Is there any one that can share his marlin sketch configuration, that is working, with me. I am tired of this now and just want the printer to work.

Any help will be much appreciated
Many thanks



2 years ago

1. Did the printer ever work with the original board that was installed in the 3D printer?


Reply 2 years ago

It worked for about 3 weeks and then problems started like blown fueses and just general problems on the printer. From what I read on the internet these XYZ models all have similar problems and then I read about a guy that changed to arduino and he never looked back.

So, in short, the printer did work for about 3 weeks


2 years ago

1. I can not recommend ripping out the original controller unless there is a serious reason to do so.
2. If you plan on using a Mega then it also means you should know at least the basics of Arduino programming as otherwise you will be totally lost - trust me been there, done that!
3. If you still feel the need to proceed then you would still keep the orignal board working and connected until you know exactly how to get a Mega working in there and how to configure the firmware to your printer.

My recommendation:
Do a proper Google search for your exact printer model plus the terms "replace controller" - from there take a look what other people did and how good it is working.
Search again but this time for the controller and Marlin or Repetier firmware for the controller in question.
Next check the Reprap forum for their great guides and tutorials on how to setup and configure the firmware you intent to use.
In some cases you can be lucky and someone there already did all this hard work for your model and uploaded a working firmware onto Github or similar sites for free use.
After that comes the long process of checking and calibrating - again the guides at the Reprap forums will help you to get going.


Reply 2 years ago

Hi buddy

Thanks for the advice but I'm afraid that it's to late, the original board is faulty and removed from the printer, no going back to it now. I have no option but to make the arduino work.

I get it to move the stepper motors and bed but I'm having issues with the end stops and how to calibrate all the axis's.

I'm contenplating in installing another endstop under the bed so that it will have two, one at the top and one at the bottom.

I'm just looking for a already built sketch of marlin so that I can compare and trace were I'm going wrong.

I must say that so far I have learned a heck of a lot with this project, this now coming from a guy that has no experience in C++ or programming for that matter.

To be honest, I would have prefered to keep the original board but you can take only so much hassles and then it's done, but thanks for your advice.

Much appreciated