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I need help remembering an old commercial. Free Pro membership to the first answer! Answered

I cannot remember what kind of product the commercial was for.  (So I guess it failed as a long term advertisement.)

What I do remember is detailed below:

There was a guy waiting in traffic and a school bus pulled up next to him.  Then all the kids were making faces at him and stuff.  After a while he gets annoyed and makes some ridiculous face in retaliation.  Then all the kids get scared and sit back down.

I remember it was a Super Bowl commercial.  I think it was in the late 90s.

This has been bugging me for a long time.  Like the title says, the first person to answer this will get a free year of Pro Membership!


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8 years ago

Thanks skittlespider! I know what commercial your talking about and me and my wife both have been looking for hours and can't find it. I remember the kids making faces and the guy pushed his ears out at the one kid and the other kids started laughing at the boy and he sat down. Then the guy looked over and a woman in another car was watching... beyond that I can't remeber what it was for! This is now like the song that gets stuck in your head and I can't get it out! Let me know if you remeber any more details, maybe it will jog something else in my brain.