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I need help seting up apache or like to view my gaming website at school. Anyone able to help? (read details) Answered

I want to play games at school after I finish my end of level tests, but I can't figure this out.  I have a html webpage ready for my gamig website, and I know I can't get a domain name without paying, but is there anyway for me to get at that file on my computer while I am at school?  I have a computer that I can use for the file server, but I don't know how to set up/run it.



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Best Answer 9 years ago

You'll not get that to work, and you shouldn't spend time trying.
But, have you got the full server-software and a static IP address?



Answer 9 years ago

Thanks! I solved my problem though with dropbox. I took all the files fo the website, uploaded them to the public folder, then copied the link to tinyurl
and sent that to my friends that I can trust. The website is here http://tinyurl.com/furrysalamander (I know the pictures don't show, slight html coding error. I did take your advice from the other day and quit batch files to move on to java, flash player, html and new worlds for me to explore) You have been very helpful in solving several of my questions.

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