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I need help to live green in an appartment. Answered

I'm looking for ways to go green in an appartment building were I rent. I have already changed my light bulbs over, so what else can I do?


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9 years ago

We just put up a photovvoltaic panel to power a 625watt Dialysis machine.
It charges a bank of 4 deep cycle batteries that powers the machine for 8 hours every night.
The panel is in a window that gets 5 hours sun each day.
The PD Machine is now Off Grid !


10 years ago

Grow pole beans in your sunniest windows and let them climb up re-cycled plastic netting found on some vegetable packaging.
Soda can 6 packs have interesting loops.

Sheet plastic packing foam sold at the post office [?] can be cut and placed behind wall switch and outlet plates to stop outside air infiltration. Not Styrofoam.Can be found in dumpsters sometimes.

Flow restrictors on fawcets and showerhead will reduce hot and cold water use.

Foam craft boards covered on 1 side with Tin Foil shiney side out makes a nice removable sun refelector for the summer months and insulates from heat. Attach foil with spray on rubber cement!

R/V stores have a large stock of 12 Volt DC appliances that can be run off DeepCycle Batterys. Batterys can be re-charged at night (off peak hours) and watch your electric bill go down. An inverter can be used to power any appliances you have that run on 120 vac till you make the switch.

Run your electric fan off a light dimmer for ANY Speed you want. This saves electricity too. Works for me.

A nice Wiper for any doors works wonders for under the door drafts.

Wash dishes in cold water.
Wash clothing in cold water.
Turn down you water heater to 100 degrees or less.
You don't need Blistering Hot Water.
Find a timer to turn your Hot Water heater 'On and Off' an hour before a shower. I save 1000KWH off my electric bill every month this way.

Put a couple Bricks in your toilet to use less water here or buy a low flush toilet.
Lower the ball valve too. This makes the toilet tank fill lower.

Stop running the water for long periods when you brush your teeth or shave.

Got battery eating devices? Use re-chargeables. You'll save a butt load of money with this one.

Use Bio-degradeable soaps
Use Bio-degradeable Everything !

Need furniture? Find it on junk piles and restore/refinish it. Use latex water based finishes.
Find it in junk shops. Go Retro !

Re-Cycle Re-Cycle Re-Cycle Re-Cycle

I hope this has been helpful....................................


11 years ago

Seal off your windows and doors with weatherization tape (you can get it at home depot, lowes, etc.) this will keep in the heat and cool air.

Try to use the least amount of plastic you can, a lot of things come in way too much plastic wrapping. Use actual metal forks instead of plastic ones.

When you wash dishes, use a tub in your sink or plug up the sink so you don't keep the water running the entire time.

Check out energy star rated appliances, they will use less energy. 

this is a silly tip, but it is helpful. Know what is in your fridge, a lot of cool air is wasted standing in front of the fridge contemplating exactly what to eat. Open it, look around, close it. Then decide.

Recycle everything!!!! Even if it does not get picked up by the recycling guys that come around once and a while, a lot of recycling centers will take materials if you bring them- remember to sort!


11 years ago

Solar chargers for your gadgets (they can live on the windowsill).  Use rechargeable batteries for other items.  Run them until they are properly flat before recharging (saves no energy, but it extends battery life).

Put foil behind radiators, hang full-length curtains for winter insulation, and Venetian blinds to cut down on air-conditioning needs (all easily reversed when you move out).

Turn your heating / air-con down.  Put on a jumper instead of turning up the heat.

Switch stuff off.

Keep your freezer and fridge full (so you aren't cooling empty air).  If possible, use a chest freezer (so the cold air doesn't spill out of the open door).

Buy minimally-packaged goods, preferably cooking your own meals.

Use a microwave instead of a traditional oven if possible (the energy heats the food, not the oven).


Cut water consumption - shorter showers, shallower baths, only flush when necessary ("If it's brown, flush it down.  If it's yellow, let it mellow.")

Grow your own veggies or salad in pots and window boxes.  Plant flowers for insects.

Hang out feeders for birds, and maybe a hanging basket full of dead twigs / bamboo / leaves as a bug hotel.


11 years ago

Watch how you use energy, turn things right off when not in use, put lids on pans, use power saving settings on the PC.
Shop carefully, minimise food wastage & packaging waste.
Have rechargeable batteries for things