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I need help turning a small digital camera into a head mounted display Answered

what i am looking to do is to turn an old digital camera of mine into a head mounted display that will fit into one of the lenses of a pair of oxy acetelane (sp?) welding goggles. any help is much appreciated.


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10 years ago

After you figure out how to make the electronics do what you want, You still have the task of figuring out and implementing the optics.

Yes, I said optics.  You can't focus on a screen that close to your eye.  And even if you pull the screen out a bit so you can focus on it you need to have the optics set up so that your eyes are both focused at the same distance.  In a helicopter of jet they are set up so the the pilot is focused at infinity or at the instrument panel, since that's where he is looking most of the time.  You shouldn't have to focus at 3' with one eye and 2" with the other. 

This is don't by using lenses that focus the screen and make the eye think it's looking at a different distance.

Google "helmet mounted display" and "head mounted display".  Wiki has a great article on each and there is much more available on the net.

It can be done but it's more complicated than just hanging a screen in front of your eye.

Show us what you come up with.