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I need help using a salvaged laser diode. Answered

I recently took apart a broken original xbox, can you believe people just throw these things away? anyways i got a few nifty parts, including the power supply which i'm tempted to turn into my bench's power supply, a hard drive which quickly became the first hard drive i have ever taken apart, and a laser diode salvaged from the cd drive.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a bit more sturdy than say a processor chip so would i kill it if i started probing the contacts with a 3 volt power supply? also there are three contacts, set in like a triangle type deal, the only thing connecting it was a small film that connected it to a nearby board, i snipped the small tape so the leads are separated.

how can i identify what leads do what and how can i find the right voltage to get this diode kicking? also as a bonus question, could i just plug the power supply in and use it straight like that or would i need to short a lead?