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I need help wiring a 12VDC SPST lighted on-off rocker switch.? Answered

I want to install a 12VDV SPST lighted on-off rocker switch to turn some lights on and off on my model railroad. The switch has three terminals and one is marked "light". I am going to use a 12VDC (wall wart) adapter as the power source. How and where do I attach the wires correctly? Obviously, one terminal is positive and one is negative but what do I attach to the "light" terminal?



Best Answer 10 years ago

The two unmarked terminals just switch either the positive or negitive from on to off. The 3rd terminal is for the light. Since there is a light ,the two unmarked terminals would need to switch the negitive. Then hook a additional wire from the positive to the light terminal, and when the switched is switched to on the light will light. You can also take bith positive and negitive from the wall wart to the switch first. Then also wire from the light terminal, which is the positive, to whenever it needs to go.


10 years ago

if a three pronged rocker light switch , one is ground , likely outside prong , and thee other two are the positive off on switch prongs , get a multi-meter tester from radio shack its a plus