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I need help with Guitar Hero World Tour!!!! Answered

Today I got Rb2 and GH4 For Xmas. I heard the rockband drums work with gh4. So, today I tried GH4. The orange note was still there. If you don't get it, then what I am trying to say is that GH4 Drums have 6 different notes: Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange, and Purple (Bass). Rockband has 4: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange (Bass). Usually when you play the RB drums on Gh, you see the original 4 colors (You cant see bass till you hit it). But I saw 5. I couldn't hit the extra note because I didn't have an orange pad... PLEASE HELP


DJ Radio

10 years ago

whoever told you rockband drums work with gh4 lied. they are against each other, and they dont want their hardware working for the other company.

FlumpkinsDJ Radio

Reply 10 years ago

Actually, I fixed the problem. Gh4 was forced to make their game work with ANY drumset.