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I need help with my Arduino code Answered

Can you please help me if you can. I have this code for my Arduino that measures the distance of your hand using an ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04 and then and displays the distance with a 7 segment display. but I am trying to change it so instead detect when a ball has gone through the hoop and starts at 0 and counts up on a 7 segment display every time the ultrasonic sensor it detects something we (me and my dad ) have tried doing this for weeks but both being a beginner at Arduino we don't know what to do. are original code and project came from:



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11 months ago

thank you this is very useful and will defiantly help us


Best Answer 1 year ago

You want it to work as a simple switch.
Why not use one of the examples from the code library or the Arduino Playgroud for this?
I wouldn't bother trying to make a distance code work as a switch.

In case you do want to bother:
The code gives you a detected distance into some variable.
Take the given distance when installed in the hoop.
Put the ball on a string or similar and check what distance readings you get now.
Assign a new variable that is set if the detected distance differes from what is the baseline with empty hoop.
Use the same or preferably a new variable to increase by 1 very tme the ball triggers the previous variable.
Look for the variable or value used for the distance to be displayed.
I assume a standard code for the numbers is used, so simply replace the distance varibale with your counter.
If in doubt add a reset for the counter to your liking, e.g.: once 10 is reached jum the display nd variable back to zero.