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I need help with my website forum and need to boost traffic Answered


I want to ask about your opinions about my websites forum (not mine per say but my good friends),

My friend, the admin, hydronator, is considering taking the site down because we dont get much traffic, and no-one other than a few of the members of the old forum which crashed, have joined the new forum.

I want to know, what could be done to improve the site, and also, what would be a better way to describe the forum, other than "fun weapons designing ", since that doesnt exactly sound right,
at yowee i and a few others design things that might be considered weapons, like potato launchers or pen catapults , things that you wouldnt call toy weapons.
anyway, we need a positive way to describe what we do, as well as ways to attract more traffic, or else hydronator is going to shut down the site :( because he is depressed, and is being rather negative in turn of recent events.

Basically what yowee is, or what it was originally was " a community of friends having fun  conspiring against society and plotting fun ways to have fun ,prank and be a nuisance"

somewhat like anarchist community in many ways, except completely different, not being anarchists and all.
Its hard to describe, which is one of the reason ide like to ask for help!


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