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I need help with skateboard pop shuvits. Answered

 I'm having trouble tring to pop shovit on a  skateboard. I can spin the board but I don't even go the direction of the board and my board flys out from under me and goes a foot or two away. How can I jump towards it while spinning?



8 years ago

mkay, so first take your back foot and just scoop them so you have the rotation staying in one place. once you can do that, start trying with both feet on the board and land them with both feet separately. finally, try jumping forward with the board. (you must JUMP) you dont have to land bolts, but make sure you land somewhere in the center. also, dont learn them stationary. it will hurt you in the long run.
i hope this helps
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Answer 9 years ago

tried that. they just give me how to do it not what I am having trouble with.