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I need help with uploading a Video! Answered

I'm trying to publish a video about something I made, but when I put the embed code, and after i save it, it disappears, and I put it again and I press publish instead, and it still doesn't work, can someone explain to me why it wont work?


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7 years ago

There's an ongoing issue with videos from YouTube:

1. After embedding the video, click the "source" button, and edit in the letters http: into the URL (that's the change YouTube made). Click "source" again and then save. Preview to check it's worked.

2. If (1) doesn't work, then I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until HQ wotkmout a proper fix.

In the mean time, if you move this topic to the Bugs section, HQ will get a better idea of how many people are affected.