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I need help writing a batch file. Answered

can some one plz help me out im trying to make a batchfile that when it runs it will open c:\users\jake\desktop\minecraft\mc online\minecraft_server.exe and run minecraft_server and also could someone make it so it runs at startup.  It is a server for a game and i want it to run when my computer starts up because it has to be running to connect to my server.

THX to all people who answer this question.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Create a batch file (Open notepad, click save as, highlight the option to save as all files, the give it the file extension (.bat)) It should be saved to your desktop.

Edit this file (right-click, edit) and put in the following text:

c:\users\jake\desktop\minecraft\mc online\minecraft_server.exe

Save it. Right click batch icon, copy.

Then, from what I understand, it should be placed in the Startup folder (Start, All programs, Startup (folder icon), then paste the batch file in)

Hope this works for you!

And BTW, minecraft is a great game, hope your server becomes popular!

Prof. Picklenickodemus

Answer 6 years ago

Wait a minute, this shouldn't work! You have a space in the code, which means you would have to surround it in double quotes...

Is it working? If it is... Very peculiar...


Answer 8 years ago

Fully correct and best answer on how to actually make and use the batch...

Another option (with many game servers) is if they offer to be run as a system service. Services are like regular programs but they install with registry entries telling the computer to run them at various times. If you don't know services, then don't muck about with ones you don't recognize: Once installed as a service, the program will show up in Control Panel/ administrative tools / Services and has the option to start/stop the service, and tell it whether to run at startup.


8 years ago

Why is executing an .exe from a .bat advantageous for you?
I go with niko'