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I need ideas for a class contest for christmas decorating? Answered

Dear fellow Instructables members,

        Every year my "homeroom" of sorts has a competition for some unnamed prize to decorate the doors of our respective teachers. I really want to help my seminar win this.
           I own an arduino duemilanove which I would like to use, and I like the Christmas Hit Counter Idea, but I would also like something that could generate a random lightshow based on a christmas CD using the remaining inputs (Inputted through a Zune), to really up the anty. Is this possible?
          I have spare time (Although I would have to take a few hours out of my minecraft playing) and I have a huge box of resistors, a good amount of leds (probably about 25), as well as a large selection of capacitors, transistors, diodes, a box of spare parts, and a good selection of electronics tools (soldering iron... etc.). I also Have about 1,000,000,000 xmas lights

     Thanks so much!
           <3 Buzz

     P.S. I don't have very long to finish this up, about1 week from today (the first of december), so it would need to take less thank 5 hours. Plus I am practically broke, so high price options (above $20) are a no go! Thanks again!


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10 years ago

search (on this site) for arduino color organ -- it'll show exactly how to have various inputs control lighting output.