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I need some VBS commands? Answered

hello there...i need a good list of VBS commands...please explain the code and what it does...all is welcome :)



10 years ago

(I think you will find the search VBS tutorial to be more helpful)

I have found that the best way to learn basic programming is to copy simple examples and then change them as much as possible. You can try to make them prettier, neater, easier to understand, and easier to remember while not changing their results at all. In this way, you can work your way up to progressively more complicated programs.

Mistakes are an essential part of learning. But you also need to keep track of what you do at every step of the way, so that you can figure out why a simple change broke your program. If you are not trying new things and making mistakes, you are just copying others' work without really understanding it; if you make mistakes without remembering what you did, you will waste time making the same mistake again.

After a while of this self-teaching, you can take some programming classes. The classes are good for teaching you how to be efficient and organized, prevent errors, and write something that other people can understand.