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I need some help making a gumball machine! Answered

 Okay so I have a terra cotta pot and a plastic fishbowl is on the way. I bought a tile drill bit to put holes in the terra cotta pot and ordered some gumballs.

My problem is I don't really know how to make the inner machinery of the gumball machine! I would like for a handle to be turned to dispense one gumball. I have a foggy idea of how this would work. There would have to be a hole going through the fishbowl and terra cotta pot into a funnel that would lead to a revolver barrel type gear with several holes for gumballs. The handle would turn a vertical gear that would turn the horizontal revolver gear. The revolver gear would sit over a solid disk with one hole drilled through it and turning the handle would line up a hole with the hole in the disk leading to a tube that dispenses a gumball while a new one is loaded into another slot on the other side of that gear. 

This might not make sense. If someone has a better way to do this or can put mine into better words (I'm having a little trouble visualizing it all) that would be much appreciated.  What I really need to know is where to find parts like this or how to make them! I have no clue where to get gears or handles or any of that. All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

PS: The machine will be dispensing gumballs 1 inch in diameter so I have to account for that in the size of everything. If you need any other details let me know!


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