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I need some one to build a LED project for me. No PIC's, Needs to wireless recharge/remote on. Answered

I made this ZPM below It is a prop replica from stargate. This is my ZPM 1.0 Im in the process of making 2.0

I want 2.0 to have the following.  Items marked with a * are optional.

White/Yellow LEDs on pointed up and down.
Rechargeable power system.
Wireless on/off switch remote
Wireless Recharging*

The unit mist be 2 1/2" inches wide in diameter and 1 1/2" tall

As seen in the picture below I need this project to be Bright as below .

Im also going to need a bulk amount.  If you can find me the parts/ source and show me the spec data I will pay a finders fee, If you want to build me a quality kit I will buy them in sets of 5. And the same goes for completed units.

If you can help me out I will be grateful! 



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1 year ago

I can help with the electronics except I havent done the wireless charging bit yet. Happy to share my knowledge of electronics and map out what you may need if you share full profile pics of your model including size. I want to recreate a 3D model for printing.

That Inventor Dude
That Inventor Dude

10 years ago

You Gotta Do an Ible on how to build one, cuz that is Sweeeeeeet,
From My non-existent knowledge of eletronics:
you could put a latch-thing inside connected to the red thingy on the top as a button, so that when the red thing is depressed it releases a rod with all the batteries along it so they can be replaced, hope that makes sense