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I need some one to build a LED project for me. No PIC's, Needs to wireless recharge/remote on. Answered

I made this ZPM below It is a prop replica from stargate. This is my ZPM 1.0 Im in the process of making 2.0

I want 2.0 to have the following.  Items marked with a * are optional.

White/Yellow LEDs on pointed up and down.
Rechargeable power system.
Wireless on/off switch remote
Wireless Recharging*

The unit mist be 2 1/2" inches wide in diameter and 1 1/2" tall

As seen in the picture below I need this project to be Bright as below .

Im also going to need a bulk amount.  If you can find me the parts/ source and show me the spec data I will pay a finders fee, If you want to build me a quality kit I will buy them in sets of 5. And the same goes for completed units.

If you can help me out I will be grateful! 



That Inventor Dude

8 years ago

You Gotta Do an Ible on how to build one, cuz that is Sweeeeeeet,
From My non-existent knowledge of eletronics:
you could put a latch-thing inside connected to the red thingy on the top as a button, so that when the red thing is depressed it releases a rod with all the batteries along it so they can be replaced, hope that makes sense