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I need some soldering advice from you guys Answered

Hello Everyone - I am trying to solder a different type of a joint, and I'm having a problem doing it. I am hoping someone here can tell me what I'm doing wrong (or not doing). Here is my problem:

I am trying to solder an alligator clip to a 3/16" dia steel rod (I have a picture of this joint, but for some reason, I can't upload it).

When I heat up the joint with my propane torch, the alligator clip goes red hot first, and the rod takes a while longer. The rod turns a really dull red, but never as hot as the alligator clip, because the clip is only ~ 0.020" thick. I have a roll of silver bearing resin core solder that I am using. When I apply the solder, it just sorta balls up and won't flow over the metal at all. I end up with a bunch of melted balls of solder on my table, and that's it. I didn't try using any flux, because this solder is resin core.

Is there an inexpensive way of doing this ? Does anyone here know a method that works ?

thanks in advance, Terry


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2 years ago

Sand both surfaces to remove oxidation from prior attempts and to be sure the surfaces are clean, bare metal. Then use flux to prevent oxidation when heated. Resin core is fine for electrical connections, but for steel rod.....not so much.