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I need someone to build a unit that will switch off a washing machine remotely. Answered

Hi there,
I am looking for someone to build a unit which can be hardwired into a washing machine to allow it to be switched off remotely. I rent them out and want to turn it off if they don't pay.
I have an understanding to how it needs to work so can give an idea of what I need and how it could be connected. I would say I need 200-300 over the next few months.
Let me know if you need more info or can help me.



4 years ago

Hey there. I'm sure i can make one. Plz contact me on "honeysharma9050@gmail" :)


4 years ago

As long as they work you still have a chance to get them back in one piece.
If you are already worried about non paying customers I would also worry what happens to the machine once it stops working.
From the techincal side you will need a switching relay that is capable to keep up with the current of machine.

Once triggered by the remote it will change from "on" to "off" and stay off until you give another signal to switch back.
Downside of everything is that you need power, if the machine is switched off or unplugged you need a battery backup for the "kill switch".
You would also need a coded remote so the machines won't switch off by accident.
Remote systems for cars might be a good starting point as you can even find them with status function on the remote so you can see what is going on.
Still, as Kiteman pointed out you will need to make sure the signal from the remote can actually reach the receiver.
Depending on where you live you might want to check the law too as in most cases you will need to send out a written letter of demand for the outstanding rent, warn about the deactivation and do all this in the manner and timeframe required.


4 years ago

Define "remotely" - by mobile phone, wifi..?

Also, it would help if folk knew where you were in the world, because of electrical system laws and postage.

However, you could try something like this:


If you fit it inside the case of the machine, with a fresh power lead running to the mains socket, that might do the trick.

However, most washing machines have solid steel shells, which would probably block most mobile or wifi signals.