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I need someone to make an ambient tv backlight Answered

hello, well first off im not above getting my hands dirty by any means lol but i didnt think this would be a good first time ever messing with leds project for me. mostly because i want it to look nice and neat on my tv. i am looking for ambient tv back lighting for a 60" dlp tv. i want it to change colors with the screen colors? or to just the sound. whatever you think is best. i have an 120 volt outlet close by or the tv also has a usb that can be used as well. i just want it to look nice and bright and work properly. it doesnt have to have a remote control or anything. but i am open to ideas and help. i cant wait to hear what you guys come up with. please feel free to reply to this help wanted ad i guess this is the first time i have asked for help on a project so i am kinda new to this. thank you so much for reading my ad and hopefully helping me out. 


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