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I need to build a special "box" for an alert response system? Answered

I would like to use an Arduino, but a parallax or a Vellman kit, etc would work to...

Need usb connectivity for programming...easy i know.

But i have a total of 20 momentary switches at different stations.

I need one box at a front desk (i'll need to go full custom, laser cut, nice graphics, etc..so if you have a really good reference for front panel production and panel parts..buttons, leds, etc...) I will eventually build 20 of these for each of their locations.

but basically here is what is HAS to do...

station user presses and releases button

LED on front desk box lights up

LED stays lite until the button next to the LED is pressed...as in killing the request for help or acknowledging it...no response notification to the station needed.

What I would LIKE to have happen...

station user presses and releases button

system generates a signal to play a recorded audio clip custom for each button "Attention Needed at Repair Bay 1"

the LED on the control box lights up for 5 seconds, along with a one or 2 quick (not loud) beep from a pezio speaker like the little tiny ones i have a ton of from pc's etc.

after 5 seconds...if not responded to by pressing the control box "response button" by the specific LED, then it will flash for 15 seconds or so and then beep 5 times and do this over and over for 1 minute until responded to, in not after 1 min, either the standard flashing ot a rapid flash starts...until responded to.

A Scrolling LED display with the Stations ID (station Name), one after another that are still in the "Que" until responded to....

i need an answer fast....and im putting myself out there...i need is fast like as done weeks ago....this was thrown in my lap at last min and i'm the solution/fix-it/invent-it guy and that is just where i am in this...i am willing to pay what i can to have someone help with this....


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9 years ago

You are describing a Nurse-Call-System.
For speed done yesterday, Buy one today.
You don't mention hall way point lights, collision resolution, record keeping, secondary alarms and
you have never given people who try to help you, a reward of a Best Answer ! !


9 years ago

I recently picked up a pile of these:

They would be good for your main room controller...They talk 'serial' and you can chain multiples so you only use a few io to drive lots of io :D

As for each station, there is a reasonable limit to the distance you can go with just a copper wire. Depending on how far each bay is, you might consider:
processor with ethernet (very long distance)
processor with xbee radio
2wire/spi bus between stations

As for the sketch on the main station, that's dead simple - listen for buttons and respond based on a logic loop.
For the remote stations, it all depends on your technology use.