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I need to find a DIP USB keyboard controller IC. Do you know of any? Answered

Google isn't helping much, and the keyboards I have are all PS2, or their chip is covered with epoxy.



Best Answer 10 years ago

When in doubt, make one with a microcontroller. I don't think you'll find an IC to interface with a keyboard in DIP form. Do you want to interface with the key matrix, or interface with the output of the controller chip on the keyboard? Either can be done with a microcontroller at any rate.

Andrew Wagner

5 years ago

I'm also looking for one to replace the crap electronics in my $300 kinesis contour keyboard. It's the best in the world, but it could be much better; the market for keyboards in this price range is just too small.

Check out the Arduno Mini; the chip has onboard usb, and they have made it silly easy to send keystrokes to an attached PC. Of course you'll still have to do some programming and wiring of your keyscan matrix.


9 years ago

These guys seem to have one


But I've been unable to find a supplier

I got a cheap USB keyboard and it had a EKK8011B chip in it, seems they're up to version E now