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I need to make a photcell for 12volts lights for out side help Answered

i need A photocell that well work with 12volt for outdoor lights



9 years ago

I know i'm too late for the people above as the question was so long ago but after trying to do the same thing for weeks and wasting hours on the internet I found a web site that sold the blooming things, so just in case anybody else finds themsevles in desperation just type in acetek photocells and your headache will be over. I needed mine for 12v DC but they might have AC ones. Oh and just tho confirm by the word photocell i do mean "dusk to dawn switch" not solar panel. best regards Derek.


10 years ago

If you search 'photo cell' in instructables you will find some interesting photo cell projects, you can use a relay to switch your lights. I'm not clear if you intend to use a 12 volt DC supply for your project, or are the lights you intend to control 12 volts? If your outdoor lights are 12 volts they will probably be AC, if this is the case and you are looking at using this power source for your project you will have convert to DC of course. Your circuit can be quite simple and with a low power relay shouldn't add to much extra load. Make sure to use a weather proof container if your circuit is being set up outside and also include a small value fuse in the supply line to your circuit_ 100Ma / 120Ma should be fine. My comments are based on you using low voltage lighting, but if you intend to switch AC mains make sure you choose a suitable relay for the purpose and take extreme care if you are unfamiliar with live supplies and associated hazards. Have fun... Hope this helps.