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I need to repaint my 1987 gmc s15 Answered

... what do you suggest to use for paint (rustoleum?) and to prepare it for paint (remove rust so on and so forth)?



9 years ago

I agree with orksecurity with an added step. If you aren't concerned with the look of the truck, wire brush the flakey paint & rust then put on a rust conversion product (like POR15) then prime and paint. with spray cans. It will protect the steel & last for ages.

If you want it to look  nice, don't be afraid of using enamel car paint & a cheap HVLP sprayer.  80% or more of the work is in the preparation, not the spraying.


10 years ago

My brother repainted his old Dodge Dart, back when he was a student. With house paint. With a roller. Definitely wrong choice. For spot touch-up, rustoleum does work tolerably well if you can match the color closely enough and if you first wire-brush the surface (to remove rust) and prime it so the paint will stick properly (I sorta trust the primers which react with the metal, and particularly with rust, to seal the surface -- but they're black, which may not be optimal under all colors of paint.) If you're talking about painting the whole car... that's out of my experience, but there are several instructables specifically on that topic; try searching for "paint your car" or "paint job".