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I need to shoot potato chips into the air so they rain down....any ideas? Its for a short film.? Answered



8 years ago

waste of chips but open a bunch of bags on a roof or something and use a blower. or you could use a chipper and just throw bags of chips into the chipper


9 years ago

leaf blower.
Hook it up to a T shaped arrangement of PVC pipe.(t-junction plus three lengths of pvc pipe).
The leaf blower input -- > pvc output should be the straight section.
Potatoe chips get dumped into the upright section. The longer the "feed tube" the more chips you can spew forth, and the longer you can do it.

unless you need a LOT of potato chips raining down, then you'd probably be better off with a balloon and payload rig, with a quick release for the payload bag. This would rely on the wind and air resistance to distribute the chips more evenly...


10 years ago

I'm thinking that maybe you could modify a blower that they use for blow -in insulation in homes. Just google "blown insulation" Good luck .Be safe. Don't get any small pieces of chips or salt in your eyes. This is just a suggestion. Do so at your own risk.