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I need your help! Writers and bored people! Citizen Science: Pens vs. Computers! Answered

I'm conducting a research, and I require all ye's cooperation in this! (Indeed, this is citizen science)

If you would like to participate in this tiny research, then would ye lassies and lads care to follow the below instructions? I'll write a high school-level research paper on this once there's so much data, that I'd be swimming in the stuff. If you feel like you can't do it, please do smother the link around liberally, so that other people that can answer it, will answer it! Do your part for science!


You will need the ff.:
> a coin
> pen/pencil and paper
> a stopwatch of any sort
> a word processor (a word count is useful)
> an internet connection (for posting the results here, of course!)

Then do this:

1) Flip a coin. If heads, you'll be using plain ol' pen-and-paper (well, you could use a pencil, too), but if tails, you'll be doing the WPM's on a word processor.

2) Choose one topic below:
> A > My zombie apocalypse survival plan.
> B > Windows vs. Linux vs. Mac; which is better and why.
> C > Why Am I Even Writing This? (dump your thoughts here)
> D > Why I like my favourite movie/novel/whateverart genre.

3) Get your stopwatch, start timing and start writing (in essay form) on your prescribed writing medium (see step 1). There is no time or word limit here, however it is better if something more substantial is to be written.

4) Once you feel that you've completed your thoughts on your written piece, stop the timer and count the number of words you've written. Record the two pieces of info somewhere (I need the time in hh:mm:ss format).



WAIT: It is recommended that you do the above steps first before proceeding to read and fill out the form in step 5. If you read the form in step 5 first, you will jeopardize the information that the form in step 5 seeks.




SERIOUSLY: Do steps 1-4 first, then come back down here. This is science we're talking about here. Well, if you're done with them, then sure, you may pass.



5) Copy-paste and fill out the following form (i.e. everything in-between the pluses, including the pluses) and post it in this forum (and delete the stuff in brackets ("[ ]", "< >"), including the brackets themselves), and no, you don't need to post your essays here:


==|| FORM START ||==

Topic chosen: <say if A, B, C or D>
Writing medium: <indicate if the coin told you pen-and-paper or word processor>
Word count: <insert word count here>
Time: <insert time taken here in hh:mm:ss format>

a) Where do you prefer writing (paper or computer)? If mixed preference, elaborate.
b) In what environment did you write in? [i.e. your room, library, outdoors (if indoors, indicate if there was any sun shining through any visible windows or if it was nighttime)]
c) How cluttered was your working environment (how messy)? [rate from 1-10 (decimals are accepted); describe how bad/wonderful your working environment was]
d) What did you feel while you were writing on your word processor/paper? [how comfortable were you; general emotions]
e) Did you encounter any difficulty in sorting out your ideas whilst writing? Please elaborate.
f) Did you read this form before you started writing? If yes, why? Tell me. If no, very good!
g) Did you fully understand all of the instructions? Don't be shy.


==|| FORM END ||==


Congratulations! You've contributed to science! If you have any suggestions or inquiries (I really feel like I've missed something here), feel free to PM me about it! (I'd really much better prefer PM's over forum posts so as not to clutter up the semi-ultra-subjective data here).

All data that is to be posted down here shall be considered open and free to anyone. If you would like to draw your own conclusions, then feel freeto grab the data, but make sure to link (or cite) back here!

Also, despite intending to write a high school-level research paper on this, it's not actually for any research subject. I'm just really bored... and curious. Additionally, is this topic even in the right category?

Oh, and belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to y'all!


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