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I patented a New LED great for home projects and display cases Answered

I have spent three years doing this but here it is.

This is a new LED and I actually patented it. Its a screw in unit that has a chip mounted directly onto a solid brass core that takes heat away far better than any circuit board.

In addition it screws into any m10x1.5 hole, if you use a flat plate on the front a small insulator and a heatsink or metal on the back with the M10 thread all you need do is make an electrical connection to the plates and you can screw any colour you want into the heatsink.

It comes in every wavelength from 380 (uv right up to IR at 1040nm)

Ill be adding pics shortly of acrylic displays the 180 degree one is absolutely perfect for these i use frost spray on edges i want to illuminate and leave clear other bits the effect is amazing even masking a flat acrylic and putting two tone pictures using the spray is awsome.

iv also designed an off the shelf PCB up to 60watts it drives any series parallel circuit, all you do is program it with the wattage of the whole array.

If you program say 15watts in an array with several LED's it powers the array with the exact forward voltage required and alters realtime so the light output is near constant. Also have a patent pending on this as well.

I have lots of time and plenty of these available if anyone is interested I am now running a small business based around it and have done some really nice hand crafted kit.

More pics to follow all questions welcome

Thanks all


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7 years ago

What is the light output of each LED in mcd? Wattage or power requirements?

L.E.D Guy
L.E.D Guy

Reply 7 years ago

Hi the Power output varies depending on wavelength chosen and the heatsinking you use.

Typically driven at 1 watt you can expect Depending on heatsink anything up to 110 lumens

i have one here that's been on for almost 18 months at 2.2watts

Driving voltage varies according to wavelength but with my driver you dont need to worry just program the wattage and it takes care of the rest.

I hope this helps