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I play minecraft and im thinking on buying a new computer is 16gb of ram good enough(keep in mind i use skype too)? Answered

I am wondering if a 16gb ram DDR3 Quad core computer if good enough for playing minecraft, skyping, and possible recording at the same time.

This is what I am looking at: http://www.ebay.com/itm/AMD-FX-4300-16GB-DDR3-2TB-QUAD-CORE-CUSTOM-DESKTOP-SYSTEM-PC-/400678180859?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item5d4a47d7fb  

OH AND WHEN IT SAYS 16gb do they mean ram ( thats what im thinking)


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Best Answer 7 years ago

Ram isn't the important part. Minecraft is only going to use 1GB of RAM tops. Unless your running a mod pack through a launcher then you can designate more RAM. This is only helpful if your flying around and constantly having to generate and load new chunks. The most important part to keep your game play smooth is having a good video card. As long as you have a good video card your basic 4GB of RAM is plenty to run Win 7 and Mincraft without any lag.

For recording the speed of the HDD/SSD is a consideration. More RAM will help but the system will have to constantly access the HDD/SSD which is always the slowest part of the PC.

Yes the 16BG is the amount of RAM.

The PC you linked to will not play Minecraft vary well. You'll have to turn the graphic settings way down to support recording at a decent frame rate. I've played minecraft on many different on board graphics solutions and am lucky to get even 24 FPS. Then try recording at the same time and it can drop as low as 5FPS. Only time you need more than 6Gb to 8GB is if your do a lot of audio, video encoding. Video editing, heavy Photoshop, and audio encoding all run much faster with more RAM. The computer you linked too is fine you'll just need to spend another $100 or more on a decent video card. That is if it has a free PCI-e slot for a card and the PSU in there can handle the added load from the card. Or if the PSU even offers a PCI-e power connector to power the card.


7 years ago

Skype is more dependent of the internet connection. It is a bandwidth hog. I used Oovoo and didn't have any lag, or dropped conversations when i had both with skype.