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I realize this (CNET mention of Instructables) is old news and it was probably posted when it happened... Answered

but as long as I have been going to CNET's site, this is the FIRST time I have seen this:

Instructables link from CNET

Maker Faire
: CNET visits the tech DIY show MEET YOUR MAKER.

(4/21/2006; updated 4/28/2006)
Are you a compulsive tech tinkerer, a closet MacGyver? Do you wish science fairs weren't just for students? Well, now there's an event for you: the first Maker Faire, where backyard inventors show off their projects and demonstrate how you can build them, too. CNET's on the scene, checking out the fashions, the music, the gadgets, the robots, the tech running on alternative energy--from steam to biodiesel to, yes, trampoline--and, of course, the homemade rockets...

Turning a VCR into a cat feeder....

Dinosaur sitings !


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13 years ago

I hadn't known if anyone else had seen this or not...I couldn't find reference to it with a search....