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I really like to make a Latex halloween mask but do you know what type of latex i need and how? Answered

i want to make a latex halloween mask and i found some instructions but they are confusing me by sculpting a base or putting plaster on head which one is the fastest but cheap.also where do i get the paints


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10 years ago

Use gelatin instead.


11 years ago

http://www.smooth-on.com/ has tonnes of silicone and latex materials to make molds and pieces. Check out their instructional videos. They're...top notch!

You're looking for 'latex foam rubber'.

If you want a face-fitting mask, then you make a mold of your face, then create an artificial head out of plaster...
Then sculpt on the stuff you want to be added on in clay
then take a glove mold of the new head, and place over another casting of your head. Fill the gap between the inside and outside mold with latex foam - and let it set. Then you'll have a mask that fits you perfectly, and has all sorts of extra details. it's a LOT of work!