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I recently got The Sims 3, but I want to play it without the CD. What should I do? Answered

NOTE: I bought it legally, on the CD. I just want to play it without.



9 years ago

download a crack


10 years ago

use a program called daemon tools to make an iso image of the cd. Then when you want to play the game, use daemon tools to launch the iso image as a virtual cd drive. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


10 years ago

hmm, the CD usually has a .inf file or something simmilar with a code to tell the game you have a CD and that its a legal copy. If you can figure out what file this is and where it is you can relocate it to the C:\ drive....then run the .exe and it should say something aloing the lines of missing .inf file or whatever type of file you need, and there should be a box saying browse and locate the .inf and ok and it should run... crosses fingers