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I remember a very clever RODENT DISPOSER. Answered

Not too long ago, I saw a WONDERFUL RODENT "TRAP" from not too long ago.... It used a 5-gallon bucket with anti-freeze (coolant) at the bottom, and a ROD going through close to the to to of the bucket. A ROD ran through the two top holes, and a small "coke" bottle was hung OVER the bucket (how attached) and the bottle was 'GREASED' or baited with peanut butter, or other stuff RATS like.

A stick (ramp) board led to the top of the bucket - turns out, the creature in question would go for bait, the center rod would spin, dumping him in the fatal coolant.

Here in Florida, we have a screen porch that has entries and exits for our FRIENDLY critters (birds, squirrels) but I think this guy (BIG ONE) lives in our foliage. WE DON'T like him...

Can you direct me to it?

Thanks - Brian



5 years ago

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I have never needed to build one but the one I would build is the exact one you explained. I have head that you use a pop can with peanut butter. Would just have to punch a hole through the center of the bottom.

As someone else mentioned, I would just use 8-10 inches of water opposed to wasting antifreeze.

Here is the link from the related project i see on the side of this question


5 years ago

Sounds like you have a good handle on the project already. Though i've seen it use a toilet paper role covered in peanut butter. This way it's in the middle of the bucket, fare enough from the edge so the critter has to jump onto it. Also i believe most versions use water rather than coolant. Either way the animal drowns.

Jack A Lopezmpilchfamily

Answer 5 years ago

In the past I have killed rats in my garage using an unadorned 5-gallon bucket with about 2 gallons of water in it.  The water itself is the bait, and the rat will climb up to the edge of the bucket and dive in to get it.  No slippy-walkway mechanism, or peanut butter, is required.

I suspect this trick depends a lot on how thirsty the rat is, and thus works better during dry weather.   I don't think Florida ever gets dry weather, so Tampaguy may need to go with the peanut butter version. 

Anyway,  you're right about plain water being deadly to the rat, provided it's water in an enclosure with sheer walls, too high, too smooth, for it to climb.

Interestingly, in the past I have found more than one drowned rat in the bucket.  This suggests a thirsty rat is not dissuaded by the presence of one or more of its dead brethren in the water it wants to drink. 

Either that or the rats agreed to drown together, like some kind of rat suicide pact.


5 years ago

Look at the Related on the right side of this page. I think what you're looking for is the third one from the bottom.