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I tinkered with a motherbaord and now its not showing video. help? Answered

First off, i dont want to hear any "you shouldne mess around with motherboards, theyre complicated pieces of technology" or the sort. i know that very well.

now on to what was done.
i am working on building a PC inside a xbox 360 case.
i have 2 expansion cards i want to put in it, wireless and graphics.
i soldered wires to the 84 connections on the wireless card, and took out the bottom most PCI slot. i soldered the wireless card in and went to test it.
the first test worked, the motherboard booted but the hard drive froze up as windows was loading. i figured it was either the hard drive or the cable i used to connect it, see my instructable to see what i mean.
then i took it to school (because i work on it there too) and tried booting it there with a different hard drive, and there was no video, on board or though the graphics card.
my teacher said it might just be the projector, as it sometimes doesnt notice a video input until windows fully boots up.
im hoping thats just the case, but a week earlier i tested it on the same projector and programmed the bios.
Its not beeping any beep codes either.
the motherboard is the ASROCK P4i65G

anybody have the slightest clue as to whats going on here?



Best Answer 7 years ago

What is your graphics card, from what I see I think that your original hard drive has an issue of some kind, and the second one you tried to use doesn't have your graphics card driver installed, but because there is a graphics card the default on the motherboard doesn't run. Triple check all of your wiring and soldering jobs. I didn't get a very good image from your description but it sounds like you couldn't fit your cards into the X-box without placing them parallel to the mobo and wiring them by hand.

I had a problem when I made my computer because it wouldn't output due to my lack of drivers and I didn't even have widows yet. I did end up finding one port out of the 4 that worked.


Answer 7 years ago

i tried with and without the graphics card installed, nothing.
but windows does have a generic driver so you can see what your doing before you install the graphics drivers, and my graphics card was showing at windows, but the hard drive froze, and as for the second hard drive, it had no OS installed, but the motherboard wasnt sending video so i couldnt see that.

yes, thats exactly how i had to do the cards. the graphics card hasnt been done yet because i want to find a extension cable for it, that way i can upgrade it if i want to.

i checked all the solder joints, and there was only one broken trace, which i repaired.
i thought it might be the ram, but i tried several other sticks with no luck.


Answer 7 years ago

Just had a quick thought, is your mobo far enough off of the backside of the case as not to touch it and cause shorts. Have you tried different screens?


Answer 7 years ago

I am fairly sure it doesn't have anything to do with your modification, I think it is a generic computer problem, but I can't be sure. I recommend you buy something like THIS: http://www.amazon.com/PCI-Express-Riser-Flexible-Cable/dp/B004XD74MC

instead of doing it by hand for your graphics card.


7 years ago

You've broken it. We all know that, you tinkered with it and broke it.
Without actually having the device or even seeing it there's little that anyone can help you with over what you can do yourself.



Answer 7 years ago

Sorry zack, I have to agree with L.
Isn't interesting how toy love forces an electronic education on some of us future
Byzantine technical wizards.