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I wan to Do A Gps Guided Rc Car controlled via 3g (web) with obstacle avoidance ?! Anyhelp !? Answered

Hey Guys !! I Need Your Help my project is to do a Gps Guided Rc Car controlled via 3g (web) with obstacle avoidance + video streaming from the rc car to the web  I am Using Arduino UNO .. I will be glad if someone could help ?! Thanks in Advance 



6 years ago

Those are sort-of contradicting...

Is it self-driven or driven by the operator?
If driven by operator, it doesn't need obstacle avoidance...unless it's driven like the mars rover - 'give instructions and wait for result'.

All of the modules you mention are very simple individually, and you just need to take each into account each of those things.

You need
a mechanical platform -- there are good robot kits with wheels, motors, and motor drivers to get that out of the way for you (search deal extreme 'robot')

serial or spi to 3g connection
serial or spi to gps connection
web server code (might be tight on an UNO but can be done)
parse instructions and add to instruction queue
act on instructions one at a time:
-valid instruction?
-valid move based on gps and sensors?
-report back new info (gps, sensors, status)

The arduino is not powerful enough to provide video feedback. That has to be done entirely on its own connection (3g video is tough to begin with)


Answer 6 years ago

It runs without operator... and Gps waypoint through 3g & Sensors Based to avoid accidents


Answer 6 years ago

Yes, that was my first question, the rest should answer yours.