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I wan to use whole wheat flour- how do I do this? Answered

I would like to make brick oven style pizza using whole wheat flour. How do I adjust the recipe to do this?



Best Answer 10 years ago

You can use half white flour and half whole wheat, or you can just substitute the whole wheat for white flour one-for-one. It shouldn't make any difference to the recipie itself - just to how "whole-wheaty" the pizza crust will come out.


Answer 10 years ago

Whole wheat flour has less gluten than bleached I think, and longer rising times.


Answer 10 years ago

Rising time also depends on a variety of factors like temperature, age and viogr of yeast, etc., so most recipes don't give a time, unless it's "overnight." They just say "until dough has doubled in volume" or something similar. Using white and wheat interchangeably has always worked for me; and for my mother, who is my go-to guru in these things.