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I want some cool trinkets and such to put in my camping tent. Any ideas? Answered

This is for camping. Decorations, cool gadgets, etc. Anything will be fine. Thank you!



Best Answer 8 years ago

What kind of tent, what kind of camping, and where would you use it?
There are things that would be nice IF weight and space aren't an issue:
- a good light source (remember that most bugs aren't attracted to yellow lights) - custom mesh pockets for things like glasses,slippers, water bottle, toiletries, flashlight , etc - a mirror - some mini games - harmonica or Kazoo - one of the instructable mini water color sets and some post card sized water color paper - anti-bug face nets for everybody - a tiny soft broom and dustpan (for sweeping the tent floor) ..... actually, a good bet would be to check the REI catalog for lots of nifty stuff that would be nice if you aren't going anywhere wild and if you don't have to carry it.


8 years ago

Not sure I understand the question. Anything that I would consider "cool" in a camping tent would be a tool I specifically thought I would need on that particular camping trip.