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I want some one to help me at making RC car controlled by wifi esp2866 and AVR atmega 32? Answered


iam mustafa,working right now as it technical support engineer for 3 years and 7 months .

I have never made project for RC car or any project related to embedded systems as i was always scared and think that people who create these things are super smart and iam not smart enough .i always wish to work as embedded software engineer but i've never made a project in real life. i studied c programming and materials related with avr architecture and had many interviews but i fail always .

At last interview, i'd failed and the interviewer asked me to do a project so that i get better .i decided to challenge myself and build an rc car .i asked a friend of mine to help me in project& i made a code using atmel studio IDE and simulator(proteus) to test my code..my code could move the dc motor right ,left and backward and forward till this moment on the simulator (proteus software) .After while i was sick and my friend was busy as he traveled abroad cause of his work.and iam very disappointed as i didn't finish my project .i get older and i want to make a shift career and work as an embedded software engineer but iam afraid that i won't achieve my dream . i hope this post will give me a hope to continue the path of achieving my dream career

i have bought this things:

4 DC motors 12 v

wifi module

H bridge module

resistors and wires and breadboard


i hope that i find some one who is patient and keep an eye on me while i do the project .

Thanks all



1 year ago

I have never used a ESP module before but I know a few things about it. Those things include that you don't need an Arduino for what you are hoping to do because the GPIO on the ESP module should be sufficient. With that said all you need to do is to remove all the electronics from an RC car, then you need to get a motor driver (L298n motor driver should be sufficient), and then control the motor driver from batteries and the ESP 2866. Good luck!!! Does this help or answer your question?


Reply 1 year ago

i have H bridge module which uses L298.and batteries and atmega 16 ...i just face difficult in writing c code and the interfacing between the drivers . i didn't use arduino cause i don't need ready libraries and i want to create my own included libraries so that i can gain the experience . thanks for your answer my friend.


Reply 1 year ago

Maybe take a C programming class? There is an Arduino class on this site. Good luck!!!