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I want to add an USB port on my APC UPB50 battery so i can charge my phone and laptop. Answered

I want to add an USB port on my APC UPB50 battery so I can charge my phone and laptop. Since the battery is seal, I can't open it up. I plan to make an adapter from the power out plug.

When I check the power from the outside and inside walls of the plug i get 19v.
From the outside wall and the pin inside, i get 5v, can i use the 5v to charge my phone.

Can I just hook up a wall charger to the power out plug and charge my phone?

I'm new to this kind of  tinkering and it's a step up from what I normally make. I need guidance.


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

9 years ago

You should be able to just attach a USB socket to the 5V pin, and plug the USB charging cable into that. Connecting the 5V output to the mains side off the wall charger is unlikely to work, although I'm not too sure about what they put in small power supplies now.

Also, how does the laptop come into this?


Answer 9 years ago

It's not a small power supply it's battery that's meant to charge a laptop.

This is the product.

I know i can charge my phone through my laptop, but I don't think it's smart to leave the laptop running in my bag to charge it.