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I want to build a kitchen warm-up water diverter, but I don't know how. Answered

I want to divert the initial cold water when I run my kitchen faucet (to get hot water for dishes, etc.) through a pipe or hose through the kitchen window outside into a rain barrel, and to be able to route that water out to the birdbath to fill it in the winter from indoors, or to water the yard in the warm months. The faucet is way higher than the patio outside, and the patio is maybe 6" - 10" higher than the birdbath so I'm thinking gravity will do it. But I don't have the know-how to construct such a system. It would have to include somehow sealing around the hose leading through the window, as we have cold winters. Therefore I would probably have to address the water freezing and plugging the hose outside.There is an electrical outlet on the outside of the house so I think I could wrap a warming blanket around the hose if necessary. Any suggestions? I have limited tools and skill, but a lot of time and patience. :)


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3 years ago

You best option is to call a good plumber to come over to take a look and give you a quote - if doubt make appointments with a few plumbers.
That way you can ask questions, hear what they think is the best way of doing it and decide if you are really up for the job.
If not you can always use the lowest quote ans pay someone to have the piece of mind all is according to code.

For the full DIY way we would at least need to know where you are or how cold it will get in the winter.
Keep in mind that there is no insulation that will prevent a water pipe from freezing it it is -20°C outside and no "warm" water runs through it for a long time, often a cold night is enough to block or even burst a pipe with ice build up.
Best option is to include a three way valve in a frost free location.
Once the nights get cold you open the outside tap and push the valve lever from the water connection to the open port so the water drains out the tap and the mains water line is sealed off.


Answer 3 years ago

Thanks for the information! It's very helpful. There is another, non-plumbing situation in the kitchen I need to have looked at also so maybe I'll hunt around for an all-around handy-woman & get advice on that, too. I hadn't thought of the 3-way valve, that's genius! I'm at latitude 41 North, and it's been a long while since we got down to -20°C, but pipes can still burst.