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I want to build a remote volume knob into my coffee table for the surround sound. Answered

Should I start with a universal remote or use a kit? Will a rotary encoder work? It would be really cool if I could press the knob for on/off as well. Any ideas?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Hmmmm. A 32 bit rotary encoder would give you enough volume levels. You could program a PIC to send the required series of pulses to an IR LED. 1 set for volume up, 1 set for volume down. It would read the value of the encoder, if it's lower than the previous it would send the volume down sequence, if it's higher than the previous it would send the volume up sequence. You could perhaps program it so that 0001 sends the turn on sequence and 0000 sends the turn off sequence. To turn on you'd turn the volume up, then to turn off you'd turn the knob down, when it gets to 0001 it would send the turn on signal (which would do nothing because it's already on) then the turn off signal (the encodor's 0000). You'd need to look all these timings up on google for your make of stereo though, and choose the right PIC for the job, it'd need to store 4 sequences. On, off, up, down. Perhaps an arduino would be best.