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I want to convert 220V AC (From my home socket) to DC Current. Answered

Actually, I want to make a Coil Gun for which I require high Current and EMF. So, I went online looking for step-up generators but they are too expensive! So, I thought that why not convert my home output (220V AC) to DC and use it. Please tell me how to make a circuit that converts 220VAC to 220VDC and what components are required. I currently have the following components:

1. Capacitor: 350SV 160uF
2. 1N4007 Rectifier Diodes x10
3. AC Capacitor 250V 1.1uF

And I have many more components such as transistors, capacitors, etc. I'll try to get the components that you tell me to, But please help me!!



1 year ago

you would probably have more success making a compressed air gun. It would be both simpler, cheaper and probably more powerful.

They make compressed air cannons for launching pumpkins. They are very impressive. It's called pumpkin chunkin. They have a giant contest every year. Look on youtube.

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

It is a little more complicated than just a power conversion problem.

So even if I can explain how rectifier (i.e. AC to DC) circuits work,


and how power converters (also called power supply, power adapter...) work,


Even if I do that, I have not yet explained how to power a coil gun. The reason why, is because the coil gun (or maybe coilgun?, one word) is a pulsed power device,


And basically the way pulsed power works is that I have a way of storing, a large quantity of, electrical energy, and then releasing that energy quickly.

The usual method, device, used for energy storage for homemade coil guns, is a capacitor, or network of capacitors, often called, a "capacitor bank". A typical figure of merit, for a capacitor bank, or for a coil gun, is the amount of energy stored, measured in joules, kilojoules, megajoules, (J, KJ, MJ) etc.

Anyway, there are few tutorials here at Instructables, on the subject of building a "coil gun" or "coilgun"



I'm sorry you have to use both those searches, but that's because there seems to be lack of agreement on whether it is one word or two.

By the way, proceed with caution. Having respect, fear, for the dangers of high voltage stuff, especially including 220 VAC mains, it can help you live longer.


1 year ago

I am beyond scared. If you don't understand how to do this. Giving you instructions will almost certainly lead to a serious accident.

However what I will say is that power (watts is a product of Volts x current) This is why, usually, high power electro magnets use low voltage but high current.

Your household mains will be limited to perhaps 60 amps. at 240 volts.


1 year ago

1. If you think you need EMF for a coil gun then you read a lot more about the topic.
2. If you don't know how to rectify AC to get DC then please look it up Google.
3. There are much easier ways to kill yourself other than by messing with high voltage without having a clue about it.
4. I highly doubt you will get more detailed information as you clearly lack the knowledge and understanding of how to deal with mains voltage in a safe way.