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I want to convert an old B&D lawnmower motor to DC. Answered

I'm going to build a Quadcycle from PVC pipe.  The plans are from American Speedster in Tallahassee, FL  The drive mechanism is from an old bicycle.   While researching my accessory options, I read about an electric conversion, built  from  an old B&d lawn mower?   I don't have a cord long enough to continue the use of this  motor in it's AC configuration. ;=]
Therefore, my quandary.  What is the procedure and what parts will I need to convert this motor to DC? 
Also, I would like to know the difference in the wiring between different voltage ratings.
I.E.  What determines whether the load drawn is 12 volts or 36 volts.
Thank you a bunch!  Doug Olinger, Glennville, GA

P.S. I have really enjoyed the information contained in the  Instructables on this site.  It is a great site,  and has great information.  I may try to create an instructable on this Quad.  It could be fun.



9 years ago

Looking at it, does the motor have brushes ?


Best Answer 9 years ago

AC and DC motor designs are different enough that you usually can't convert one to the other. Find another motor?