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I want to delete my kyoto trough insturctable but it was in a contest so it will not let me. Answered

It was in a contest and it seems you cannot delete stuff that was entered in a contest.
I made the instructable to attract smarter people than me to the problem of unattended concentrated  solar cooking by combining 2 reflective  troughs  (to mimic a dish).
(Troughs are easy to make (bent in one direction). while dishes are bent in 2 planes so they really hard to make without wrinkles on the reflector material. Nobody got attracted so I guess the idea is dead.
Anyway, for me personally,  it was  a stepping stone on the way to  the clam shaped solar reflector.
So it was useful but it is history now.
So is there any way to delete it or substitute another thing in its place?
Thank you
Brian White



8 years ago

It looks like a nice instructable. If you really want to delete it, I'll do it for you, but just verify that you're talking about this one, and let me know that you want it deleted one more time (it's always sad deleting instructables...I just want to make sure it's what you want).


8 years ago

Why delete it? Still of significance in the development of your work and a reference point to what the thought was at that time. At least your ideas are in a public forum waiting to be discovered.