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I want to get a video from the internet. how can I do this? Answered

 I wan to get full episodes of Karin:www.animeseason.com/karin/
I want to do this for free. I don't care what the video file comes out as, I can convert this later.
If you can find a website or program that will take the video and put it in the mp4 format, please tell me. thank you!


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Best Answer 11 years ago


I'm real happy about real player.

i just have the basic realplayer (the free one) scroll down the page you should see a downloadlink for the basic realplayer there.

After you've installed it you will notice that when you watch one of your episodes online a tab will popup in the rightcorner of the video asking if you would like to download it. Just click yes and it will.

The files will come out as .flv but you can easily convert it with a convertor program like dvdvideosoft free www.dvdvideosoft.com/

It's a great program that has convertor for video, mp3 and youtube easy download all in one! And even more but check out the site for more info

hope it helped,